Vitez Engineering
GNC Flight Software and Analysis
We test and develop, so you can fly
Vitez Engineering provides flight software that simply works right away, with all the GNC capabilities to fly your mission. Our algorithms are rigorously developed, tested, and tested again to ensure your mission is a success. Controller gains can be automatically tuned to your exact satellite parameters to ensure a robust, accurate, and swift control response. Don't have a satellite yet? You can use our simulation suite to run trade studies on components and optimize your satellite from day zero.
High Fidelity, Fast Simulation
We take care of the nitty-gritty details so that you don't have to
Our simulations offer ultra high fidelity models of the entire space domain. Accurate simulation is an integral part of mission success, which is why our simulation suite is rigorously tested to the same standard as our flight software.

Our simulation and flight algorithms are written in Julia to enable blazing-fast performance. From monte carlos to trade studies, you can simulate thousands of flights over the entire lifetime of your satellite in record time.
Satellites shouldn't be expensive
Our suite of algorithms and simulations are 100% free to use. With access to ultra high fidelity satellite simulations from day zero, we make component sizing and selection a piece of cake.
Low risk
Mission critical means mission critical
Our algorithms are designed to be flown on many satellites across the industry, meaning your software has flight heritage before you even launch. With a complete package of flight algorithms and simulations on demand, your GNC software can be developed in minutes, not years.